Recap: Men’s Torch Defeat Electric City (5/20/15)

Looking to add another win to their 3-game win streak, the BuxMont Torch Men’s team hosted Electric City Shock S.C. on Saturday, June 20th.

Entering their second contest with Electric City this season, the Torch strategized to play the same way as their previous meeting, which led to a 2-1 Torch victory.

The first half was a quiet one. Both teams pressured the ball and had several chances on goal, but nothing came close to a goal. Defense was the name of the game during the first 45 as each team took turns attacking the goal. Two yellow cards were distributed during the defensive half, each team earning their own foul for late challenges. The half ended 0-0.

Both teams rallied during half time and came out strong. The second half was very similar to the first half. Both defensive ends worked hard as each attacking end fought for chances on goal. And again, both teams earned a yellow card several minuets apart for late challenges.

High pressure from the Torch forced a turn over from the electric city which sprung a quick counter attack, Tyler Bullock received a perfectly placed through ball from midfielder, John Schwien. Bullock sped past the defender and crossed the ball into the middle where Sachem Wilson drove the ball into the back of the net in the 68min.

The game continued to be a defensive fight as the final minuets ran out. The Game ended 1-0 in a Torch victory, increasing their winning steak to 4.

Recap: Torch Defeats Hershey F.C. 2-0

The Buxmont Torch Men’s team took on opponent Hershey FC Saturday, June 13th attempting to build on their two game win streak.

The game started and both teams were back and forth. In the first half, Hershey FC missed three great opportunities on goal. In the 25th minute, Torch midfielder Santiago Pinan scored a header crossed in by Forward Sachem Wilson, who had dribbled past a defender and placed it right in the path of Pinan’s head. After the goal, as Hershey FC attacked, Torch defender Shane Jones received a yellow card. The first half ended with the Buxmont Torch up 1-0.

The second half was a battle as the heat started affecting the performance of both teams. The play was very back and forth with very few significant plays resulting. In the middle of the second half, Midfielder Vontez Hilliard dribbled down the sideline past his defender resulting in a close save by Hershey GK. In the 88th minute, midfielder Josiah Groff played a through ball to Wilson, who took a touch and passed the ball into the goal. The Torch defended for the majority of the remaining time. As Hershey FC pushed numbers forward and Torch packed it in, Hershey FC was unable to capitalize. The game ended 2-0.

This win for the Torch men’s team makes them 3-1 on the season. The Men’s next game is June 20th at home against Electric City Shock.

Recap: Men’s Torch Defeat Jersey Blues 5-2 in 2015 Home Opener (6/10/15)

The BuxMont Torch FC Men’s team had their home opener last night against the New Jersey Blues. June 10th at 7 pm.

The Torch started off the game strong, and took some time to feel out the Blue’s weaknesses with passes and through balls. In the middle of the first half, the Torch scored 3 goals within 7 minuets. John Schwien started off the 3-goal effort in the 22nd minute, assisted by George Stock. 5 minutes later Khalil Karl sent a long through ball to Tyler Bullock who dribbled passed a defender to score. In the 30th minute Sachem Wilson intercepted the ball from a misplaced goal kick and past a defender to score.

A few minutes after the Torch went up 3-0, a chance on goal caused Jersey Blues goalie, Domenico Giovanni, to collide with his own goal post. He had to be substituted off to be seen by EMTs for possible severe injuries. The New Jersey Blues only rostered one goalkeeper and had to replace their him with field player Corey Smith. The Blues then rallied together to take advantage of a Torch defensive mistake and scored during stoppage time at the end of the first half.

The second half started off with high intensity from the Blues, but the Torch remained the stronger team. After a physical 35 minuets, a foul was called on the Torch. This resulted in the Blues scoring on a free kick from 40 yards out in the 81st minute to make the game 3-2. The Torch knew their lead was slim and the time was short; Kyle Nikerle answered with a goal one minute later with an assist from John-Eric Stiles. Using this momentum, Khalil Karl scored the Torch’s 5th goal in the 86th minute to conclude the game.

The BuxMont Torch Men host Hershey F.C. this Saturday at 6 pm. The BuxMont Women’s Torch also plays at home on Saturday against the New England Mutiny before the Men at 3 pm.

Recap: Women’s Torch Host New York Athletics For 2015 Home Opener (6/06/15)

Exactly one week after the Buxmont torch FC Womens team played in their last game against the Lancaster Inferno, the Ladies had their home opening match against the New York Athletic Club (NYAC).

Before the game the Women’s team had their traditional game day clinic for a local youth team followed by a pre-game chapel. The Ladies were excited and anxious to be playing in their home opening game. They started off great. Corrie Good dribbled down the field, getting one shot off in the first three minutes of the game. As both teams began to settle down, NYAC started pushing forward. The other team caught the Torch’s defense off guard and scored their first goal. About halfway through the first half they scored their second goal. Soon after, a player on NYAC dribbled into the box and was fouled, resulting in a penalty kick, making the game 3-0 leading into Halftime.

The halftime talk consisted of a new strategy of play and sorting out things defensively. Before the Ladies went out on the field, Jaime Bouffard rallied the Ladies together to set a new team goal, to not get scored on. The Ladies came together and did exactly that and got a shut-out in the second half. The whole team played extremely well defensively, led by goalkeeper Tori Collar, who had an amazing game in net. Samantha Costello had a good game at forward as well, barely missing a breakaway at the end of the game.

The Buxmont Torch FC Women will have their next game at home on Saturday, June 13th at 3pm followed by the Buxmont Torch FC Men’s game at 6pm.

Recap: Women’s Torch Kick-Off 2015 Season at Lancaster (5/30/15)

After one week of practices and players trickling in for the summer, the Torch ladies traveled to Lancaster to compete for their first game of the season.

The game started off slow for both teams as they were working to become more familiar with each other’s style of play. The Torch stayed strong in defense, as well as the midfield and forwards, who looked to create opportunities up top. Lancaster and Torch were equally dominating their opposing halves. Lancaster was able to find a few early chances on goal, which eventually led to their first score, and the first goal of the game.

The Torch came in for the second half rejuvenated and hungry for the win. They came together aggressive, controlled, and were able to find more shots on goal. A few minutes into the half, Torch’s Mandy McCarthy found a beautiful through ball to Shea Neal, which split Lancaster’s defense allowing for a quick first touch and shot into the bottom left corner of the goal. This put the game at an exciting 1-1 score.

The pressure was kept high, but after a quick start, Lancaster was able to slide another passed our keeper in the top corner. Due to unfortunate confusion with marking one of Lancaster’s key players was able to score another goal. The game was followed by a couple more goals from Lancaster, which ended the game with a score of 5-1. Torch’s keeper Brittney Gadd had a few great saves with unfortunate goals against her. Although there were a few mistakes and the Torch ladies struggled to contain one of Lancaster’s players, they finished their first game strong and positive.

Recap: Buxmont Torch Picks Up First Win at Electric City 2-1 (6/6/15)

Buxmont Torch traveled to Scranton, PA, to face conference opponents Electric City Shock. The Torch were looking to rebound from game one loss at Hershey with a win.

The game started out wide open with both teams having scoring opportunities. The Shock had the first opportunity on goal which caused 3 year Torch keeper Jeremy Lee to make an acrobatic save from a deflection. (It was Sports Center top 10 worthy). After a few minutes the game settled down and the Torch started to take control of the game and created multiple chances on goal. The breakthrough for the Torch came after 30 minutes. Tyler Bullock rose to meet a long throw from Justin Festa, which he buried in the back of the net with a glancing header.

The Torch started the second half the way they finished the first half, creating chances early. The Torch extended their lead when Tyler Bullock broke down the left side and delivered a great cross to the far post to John Schwien, who controlled the ball out of the air and calmly put the ball in the back of the net.

The Shock pulled one back in the 60th minute and thus brought an end to the scoring for the game. The game was extremely physical and there were a few heated moments between the two teams. Despite this, both teams met in the middle of the field at the end of the game and shared a time of devotion and prayer led by Torch defender Tomi Kosoko. It was a successful outing for the Torch in getting the result of a victory and for getting to share the gospel with the other team.

Recap: BuxMont Torch Open 2015 Season at Hershey F.C. (5/30/15)

After one week of practices, the BuxMont Torch FC men’s team traveled to Hershey, PA to take on Hershey F.C. for our first game of the 2015 season.

Starting out strong in the first half, the Torch possessed the ball well and moved it around quickly. The defensive end was strong and physical; repeatedly winning the ball on challenges and moving it up the field for the attack. Keeping the ball on the attacking end of the field for the majority of the first half, the Torch had several chances on goal, but nothing found the back of the net.

Keeping the pressure high and constant, the men stayed physical. Late in the half the Torch received an unfortunate red card on forward Nick Morris for an aggressive tackle the referee deemed excessive. This left the attacking end one man down and forcing them to quickly adjust to the setback. The first half ended 0-0.

Starting the second half with only 10 players on the field, Torch came out just as strong. Possession stayed in their favor as the midfield worked hard to continually move the ball around while looking for a chance to get a shot on goal. Hershey’s defense was anchored down by their two large center backs, turning back all the attacks by the Torch. A momentary lapse in the Torch defensive end gave Hershey’s forward #21 an opportunity to hit a volley from outside the 18’. That shot found the back of the net, leaving the Torch down 0-1.

Down one goal and down one man, the Torch stayed in the fight and kept pressuring the ball and maintaining possession. Several more opportunities came for the Torch, who unfortunately could not score. Late in the half goalie Jeremy Lee made a finger tip save off header from a corner by Hershey. The last minutes of the game were mostly defensive by both sides and the game ended Torch: 0 Hershey: 1.

BuxMont Torch FC (0-1-0) will look to rebound as they travel to Scranton to play against Electric City F.C. (1-2-1) on Saturday, June 6 at 7:00pm. The Torch first home game will be played June 10 a 7:00pm when we host Jersey Blues (1-2-0).

Recap: Charge edge Torch late with 1-0 win in season finale

When the Buxmont Torch (7-5) and ASA Chesapeake Charge FC (8-0) women’s soccer teams played in the last game of the regular season the future was already determined. The Charge was set to begin the playoffs on July 19th and the Torch would be sitting out the playoffs after falling just short of the division-leading Charge. Continue reading Recap: Charge edge Torch late with 1-0 win in season finale